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Landscape Lighting Designers, Installers & Maintenance of Low Voltage Lighting Systems including LED

Are you in search of elegant lighting enhancement, perimeter security lighting or just a bit of both along with peace of mind? If so, Signature Landscape Lighting knows how to get the job done in an eco-friendly way! We are LED Specialists with many installations. Ask us about our new LED product line!

Low voltage landscape lighting is a wonderful way to enhance your property value and give you many more hours of outdoor pleasure and overall security. It is eco-friendly because the wattage of the bulb is so low- 5, 10 or 20 watts per fixture. For the amount of wattage in one flood lamp we can provide great looking illumination throughout your property!

Whether you are outside or inside, low voltage landscape lighting will add to your home’s enjoyment. Experience for yourself the peaceful feeling of looking out your window to a yard that is softly lit and not pitch black! Feel welcomed when you come home late at night and your home is elegantly lit all around. No more wondering what’s in that dark corner of the yard!

Signature Landscape Lighting uses some of the best products on the market today. By using a combination of uplighting, downlighting and washes we can create the perfect look for  your home. All of our products have incredible warranties from the manufacturer. Of course, Signature also guarantees your complete satisfaction!


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